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I don't think many of us can say we've ever enjoyed a trip to a public bathroom... but after a night at Public The Musical, prepare to eat those words!

Watch the story unfold in real-time and laugh your way through, as 4 very different strangers navigate getting stuck together in a gender-neutral public toilet.


Try not to let a bit of wee come out!

The Guardian says "No comment. We haven't seen it."
The Financial Times says "I don't see how this is relevant?"
The Stage says
(in their website tag line) "Fighting for the future of theatre since 1880." We like to think they were thinking of us...

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We're excited to announce we have been offered a one week artists residency at Arts Depot, North Finchley to host our first R&D workshop for 'PUBLIC' this October!

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We're incredibly grateful this project has been supported by The Help Musicians Fusion Fund. 

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About us

So who the Dickens are Stroud & Notes?

Stroud and Notes are a bad-ass original musical company conceived by queer singer-songwriter and ideas person, Kyla Stroud (they/she.) Through Kyla's teens, they would count down the days until musical theatre club on a Sunday (cough cough...what a loser...cough 🙄) Theatre took a back seat for a few years while its little brother, music, took priority but it's making a long awaited comeback in 2022 with (hopefully) a bang! 

Kyla dreams of building a network of kind, talented and diverse people, who can create meaningful and fun work together in a safe, open and inspiring space. They want to spread positivity and laughter through theatre, as well as great music. "I want people to leave our shows singing along, feeling warm, fuzzy and sore from laughing!"

As a musical artist, Kyla has supported the likes of Emelie Sande and Rhys Lewis, won London's best busker in 2018 and has a fancy-shmancy publishing deal with Kobalt music too. They have spent years working in the events industry, organising music festivals and large scale queer club nights. Kyla can't wait to to take the skills developed through these two fields into the world of theatre.  

They believe the best work comes from jamming with people, helping each other learn, up-skill and succeed. Together, Stroud & Notes prioritise mental well-being, collaboration, and champion diverse and brilliant voices. 


The team are forever changing, as they work on a project-by-project basis but currently the 'Notes' in action include theatre maker and cool cat, Hannah Sands (they/she), boogier and movement director, Natalie Stroud (she/her), mad skill set and costume designer, Tara Usher and production extraordinaire's, Bravo Productions.


Excited to throw their creativity, kindness and love into projects of passion, fun and laughter, the team are ready to take on the musical theatre world in full force! Thank you for stopping by and we look forward to meeting you and having a natter at a future show!

What S&N believe

We believe in the power of imagination, diversity and collaboration. We love to take new ideas on a journey alongside a collection of wonderful people, especially unheard voices.

We are a queer focused company and whilst some of our characters embody the gender binary, our casting process and characters will always be inclusive. We will both welcome and encourage applications from anyone who feels they are right for a role. We want to create with talented, diverse and, most importantly, kind people.

We believe the catalyst for a new, diverse and equal world of theatre is in the stories we create, as well as the people who tell them.

Artistic Partnership

We are always on the look out for lovely people to join us on our creative journey...credits or no credits, theatre school or no theatre school, teeth or no teeth! As fellow underdogs and newbies on the block, we know the proof is in the pudding, so drop us a line if you want to collaborate with us on a current or future project.



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